Stay organized on your next RV adventure by using these handy apps to make life on the road stress- and hassle-free.


OpenTable is a popular app and reward program for all foodies hoping to browse and book restaurants on the go. Users earn points for dining (typically each reservations earns 100 points), which can be exchanged for discounts at various restaurants or an Amazon gift card. When you are on the road and want to taste different cuisine, these points can really add up. Cost: free.

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Maps 3D Pro

Maps 3D Pro is a helpful map app that provides searchable and routable maps designed for the outdoor lifestyle. Many map apps are geared towards cities and roads, but with Maps 3D Pro you can view routes in 3D and see the elevation gain or loss up ahead. This app will help you better vitualize valley and mountain turraine. Cost: $2.99

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WAZE is currently the largest Community-based traffic and navigation app.  Drivers in your area share real-time traffic info such as closed roads, accidents, speed traps and road information. While you use the app it automatically updates you on status and when you detour to another location. Being community based, users can also arrange for carpooling. This app is sure to save you time and gas money while improving your daily commute. Cost: free

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Outdoorsy is the app to connect outdoor enthusiasts. The iOS app connects you to events/meet-ups in your community and plan for outdoor ecursions while meeting new friends (and inviting old ones). Users can create their own event and share via social media and the app is worldwide.  Cost: free for iOS

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