I read Norm Rosen’s article about the Evergreen RV i-Go travel trailer in RV Lifestyle Vol. 41 No. 6 and I have a couple of questions about the tow vehicle. What engine was in the Dodge Durango – an 8-cylinder or 6-cylinder? I am thinking about buying a Dodge Durango. Any comments?

Jim Arnold
Guelph, ON

Hi Jim,

The Durango with the 3.6L V6 engine is listed to tow 6,200 pounds, and the 5.7L V8 is listed at 7,400 pounds. The Durango is a great family tow vehicle. It’s very comfortable for long trips and capable of seating five easily. If you are towing, it’s best to keep the third row folded to use as storage space, adding two adults would add about 300 pounds to the rear axle that you don’t need.

The HEMI-powered, all-wheel-drive Durango features a low-range transfer case for light off-road recreation and to ease maneuvers while towing, such as pulling a boat out of the water from a high-degree launch or backing up with a trailer attached. The test model that I used was the Citadel 5.7L HEMI. When I was driving the Citadel, it was amazing how many others that I saw in our area.

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