If you’re planning to bring your RV to a music festival, keep some things in mind before you rush out the door and start hitching your trailer.

For 2019 RV friendly festivals, click here.

6Buy your spot as soon as you can

Book as early as you can. You’ll have more options to choose from this way. This is especially important if you need an accessible RV site. There’s often a discount for early bookers to encourage you to act quickly.

5Know your sizes

Know the size of your RV and the booked site. At Burl’s Creek, where Boots and Hearts takes place, RV sites are 20’ by 50’. If you’re bringing a trailer or RV bigger than 50 feet, you’re going to book more than one site.

4What’s your power?

Decide if you’re going to want power for your RV site. Usually you can save a bit of money on your booking if you opt to go without a power hookup.

Note the difference between 30 AMP hook-ups and 50 AMP hook-ups. If you want to camp beside a specific group, you must have the same power hook-up.

3Follow the rules

Know what you can do at your campsite. This is a big one. If you have more people than you have room for in your RV, you can set up a tent at Boots and Hearts as long as everything fits on your campsite.

It’s also a good idea to pre-cut any meats and vegetables for your meals because kitchen knives may be considered weapons, even if you don’t have any nefarious plans with them. Your expensive knives may be confiscated so leave them at home.

2Consider renting

A lot of festivals are partnering with RV rental services to give guests a chance to try the RV lifestyle. Boots and Hearts has partnered with RVezy. You can even have the RV dropped off at your site. You have options in campers such as fully functional kitchens to prepare meals and air conditioning to cool off.

1Have fun!

That’s the reason you’ve gone to the music festival anyways right? Enjoy yourself and have a comfortable place to rest when you bring a RV.

There’s still time to book for Boots and Hearts! See what options they have left here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/boots-and-hearts-2019-camping-parking-tickets-48188311537

Photos provided by Sam Forgie and Brooke Dunford