Images Courtesy of Sylvansport

Sylvansport is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a limited edition, “Platinum” edition GO!

The “Platinum” GO is still the same ultra-portable and ultra-cool camper we know and love but has received some touches to make it stand out from the pack.

Instead of the silver and green colour scheme the exterior of the GO currently has, the “Platinum Edition” will feature a two-tone silver and gray tent package. Inside, the “Platinum” theme continues, with four gray self-inflating mattresses.

The “Platinum Edition” GO’s super-wide wires will be mounted on custom silver and and black aluminum wheels and the storage box lid will be charcoal black.

The colour changes “blend perfectly with the current diamond plate silver deck and gray-black powdercoated aluminum frame,” said Sylvansport on their website.

Rounding out the sharp graphics is a special, “Limited Edition” 15th Anniversary GO! Decal package.

Sylvansport is only making 15 of these limited edition models and are taking reservations on their website

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